What are Extruded Magnesium Alloys?


Lighter, stronger, safer in addition to higher performance designs.  

These Extruded alloys are used as high-precision material from which to lightweight components, alternatively as custom shapes to integrate directly into a component.

Meifu Technologies operates Three dedicated presses to supply a full range of extruded magnesium alloys.

Advantages of Magnesium

Magnesium has a density of 1.8gcm3, by volume magnesium is 30% lighter than aluminium, therefore the lightest structural metal.


Excellent Machinability

Magnesium alloys are the easiest of all structural metals to machine.


Vibration Damping

Meifu Magnesium alloys have excellent vibration damping properties.


Corrosion Resistance

Meifu magnesium alloys have good corrosion resistance.

A range of surface passivation and top coat treatments commercially available.


Advantages include:

Excellent surface finish

Reduced tool wear



Extruded magnesium alloys can be shaped into plate by rolling and extruded into complicated profiles. 

Can be further shaped using bending or machining from solid.



Inherent screening properties, useful for electronic enclosures and has good thermal conductivity for heat dissipation.

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Extrusions Capabilities...


Meifu Alloys

 AZ80A, AZ61A, Zk61M, AZ31B,AZ41,ZM6,WE43,LA91

Dissolvable Magnesium Alloys

Dissolvable Aluminum Alloys



Forging feedstock

Machining feedstock

Solid, hollow or multi-hollow custom

Profile shapes

Near net shapes

Where appropriate, alloys are also available heat treated.



ASTM B107-13


AMS 4352H

AMS 4350M

Customer defined specifications


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