Meifu dissolvable alloys are robust and can be used to produce components for downhole equipment (such as frac plugs and frac balls).


Required in demanding environments to perform for oil field operations.


Designed with controlled disolution rates as well as tailored mechanical properties for strength and ductility requirements.


Dissolving and Non-Dissolving Magnesium Alloys for the Oil and Gas Industry.


Fit your needs for strength, ductility, and dissolution requirements in different environment.

Meifu Technologies unique range of extruded magnesium alloys enable; lighter, stronger, safer  in addition to higher performance designs.  


Used as forging feedstock, as high-precision material from which to lightweight components, 

alternatively as custom shapes to integrate directly into a component. 


Meifu Technologies operates Three dedicated presses to supply a full range of extruded magnesium alloys, in addition to develop new alloys for future applications.


Despite their low weight, magnesium alloys are also strong and durable, providing a high level of impact resistance and reliability in the most demanding environments

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We provide technical advice on Die-Casting magnesium alloys, Extrusion Magnesium alloys, machining and processing magnesium materials, contact us today to discuss your application.

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