What are Extruded Magnesium Alloys?


Meifu Technologies unique range of extruded magnesium alloys enable; lighter, stronger, safer  in addition to higher performance designs.  

Meifu Technologies operates Three dedicated presses to supply a full range of extruded magnesium alloys, in addition to develop new alloys for future applications.

Find Out More About Meifu Technologies

Extrusions Capabilities...

Find Out More About Meifu Technologies

Extrusions Capabilities...





Advantages of Meifu Mg Production Process:


• Casting Crucibles: 1.5 Ton for production.

• Electric Resistant Furnace with stirring to make homogenous chemistries.

• Direct Chill Continuous Casting in deep underground to manufacture up to 6.5m (21ft) long Mg alloys with the best quality.

• Protective Gas in the mold during casting to eliminate the contamination in the cast.





Tube and Bar for Oil and Gas industry

Meifu Technology is one of the world leader in the development and supply of highl quality magnesium alloys. 

Our dissolvable alloys are robust and can be used to produce components for downhole equipment (such as frac plugs and frac balls) that have the strength required in demanding environments to perform for oil field operations.

dissolvable alloys are designed with controlled corrosion rates as well as tailored mechanical properties for strength and ductility requirements.

Alloys across the dissolving and non-dissolving spectrum to fit your needs for strength, ductility, and dissolution requirements in different environment.





Just as you would create custom designs for cost and time saving purposes, we also possess the ability to save you further time and expense by offering numerous post-extrusion magnesium product fabrication processes in-house.Meifu Technology specializes in the following, but are not limited to, custom magnesium fabrication capabilities.

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